Hi, I'm Nidhi!

Nidhi Thakur

Hey, everyone! Thanks for stopping by here!

I’m a health and wellness content creator, who loves to eat and flex on her yoga mat.

The Sculpt Fitness is my initiative to share health and wellness-related authentic information, personal experiences, taboo topics, myths, and facts.

I’m a fitness enthusiast at heart!

Throughout my teenage years, I’ve been overweight and faced an eating disorder. So, in 2017 I started practicing strength training regularly, quit eating all the processed food, and switched to a healthy homemade diet. 

Under the professional guidance of my fitness trainer, I lost more than 10 kilos in just three months. At that time, I was not introduced to the idea of taking difference pictures, so I hope these pictures will give you some insight into my weight loss journey. 


My Transformation (1)

Despite of hard times, I’m still going on!

Things were great, but recently, in 2020, I got a left-knee cartilage injury in the gym and developed Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. I went into depression for around 8 to 9 months and gained about 8 kilos weight again. 

I remember my legs were my most strongest point during strength training, and suddenly I was unable to perform regular bodyweight lunges. At that time, I completely lost my self, my strength, and my motivation to move forward in my training. 

It was the most painful experience that I’ve ever been through in my life. And the pain is always going to be there. So, I left gym and got into yoga for recovery and eventually, I found something good out of this bad experience. 

My injury made me start my yoga journey, and as things changed I began to find my lost strength once again. 

Here is my post-injury weight loss transformation. I lost 8 kilos in 6 months, without any gym or fad diet plans. I went back to my daily exercise routine with new physical boundaries and a brand new mental vibration.

My Transformation (2)

Over time, I’ve realized it is not difficult to train like people think it is. It’s just about believing in you and making yourself a priority. 

I dedicate this blog to help those who desire to make fitness their lifestyle. 

My Yoga

What to expect?

This blog will help people who don’t know anything about technicalities of fitness and nutrition. 

This blog will enlighten you to the reality of a healthy lifestyle full of food, consistent training routines, and everyday challenges without any crash diets or fake unfulfilling promises. 

We cover various types of content related to, Lifestyle, Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition, Healthy Recipes, Women’s Wellness, Mental Health, and Beauty.