15 Healthy Mindset Tips for a Healthy Life in 2021

Healthy Mindset

What is a Healthy Mindset? 

If you feel pain, and suffering due to some specific health conditions., imagine your life without pain and suffering for some time.

Reflecting on daily events with a simple positive outlook makes you mentally more resilient, and this positive reflection of thoughts is called a Healthy Mindset.

A daily practice for a balanced Mind, Body & Spirit helps you get the power of a Healthy Mind.

The development of a healthy mindset is equally important as the development of a physical figure.

A healthy attitude can make every part of your life much more meaningful and aid your overall psychological well-being. 

A healthy mindset and a positive perspective towards life can improve your feeling of prosperity, gratitude, and your capacity to work unquestionably on days when life throws hard times towards you. 

Also, I’ve found out that a healthy mental outlook also assists me with more motivation towards my daily workouts.

Honestly, I’ve managed to develop a healthy mindset towards my life in these past two years, and from my experience, I can tell you how a few daily practices can raise your psychological vibrations in this universe.

Why is a Healthy Mindset Important? 

 Healthy Mindset

People say a healthy mindset can help you achieve your ideal goals. How?

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Healthy‘ means – ‘Svastha,’ which joins two words, Sva‘Self’ + Stha ‘established.’ 

The power of your personality is something that isolates you from me, her, him, or them.

‘I,’ also known as ‘Ahamkara’ in Vedic Yoga, perpetually advise us that we as people have:

  • a body – I,
  • a psyche – I, and,
  • a soul – I, which we need to support, nurture, and establish to feel healthy. 

When the power of your identity merges with your spirit’s establishment, your body will start to radiate joy, peace, and enthusiasm, which we all term as being healthy.

When we alter our unhealthy mindset to align with our values, purpose, and goals, we offer ourselves a more critical chance to accomplish, act, and live them out. 

Whether you wish to live a healthy life of oozing desires or you want to find your purpose in this life, all you need is a sound mind in a healthy body to achieve your goals.

Healthy Mindset Characteristics

Only one out of every 5 odd individuals has a healthy mindset but, those who mainly have it consist of these following characteristics: 

  • They eat healthily.

  • They stay hydrated.

  • They don’t overthink.

  • They move more often.

  • They are grateful for this life.

  • They believe in the power of this universe.

  • Any setback can’t stop them from living life. 

  • They take and give it back to the community.

  • They often perform self-introspection using Mediation.

  • They have a healthy balance between their Mind, Body & Spirit.

So, to have a healthy mindset in life, you must try developing such habits or characteristics in your personality. Wanna learn how? Let’s discuss few ways:

15 Ways to Develop Healthy Mindset for Life

Healthy mindset eating

1. Forgiving and Accepting yourself the way you are – Before you start any mental or spiritual practice, make sure you start by forgiving yourself for the things that made your body and mind unhealthy in the first place.

It can be a toxic relationship or bad phase in your career or any other act that makes you feel uncomfortable about yourself. Meditation helps you manage your rage, spiritual toxicity, and depression. 

2. Observing your thoughts without getting caught in them – Your ideas or opinions do not define you. We are just an observer of our ideas & thoughts. So, with every single breath you take, just let those negative thoughts pass over.

Do not harshly push them. Calm your brain, inhale deep and observe your thoughts with a neutral mindset. This self-introspection allows you to be more self-aware.

3. Talking about your thoughts or just writing them down – Blank paper is a space where you can safely dump your thoughts, good, bad, worst, doesn’t matter just write it and feel free.

When you have a safe space to share your thoughts, you will feel better, and afterwards, your brain becomes like a plain canvas, which can now focus on something better with more clarity.

Writing your daily thoughts and events in a diary helps you ponder your feelings that you cannot share with anyone else. 

4. Taking time to pray and be grateful for little things in life – You can be thankful to a friend, your parents, god, nature, or this whole universe. Because being grateful keeps you more grounded and hopeful in life.

When you show gratitude towards a superior power over you, you find hope; this hope can help you fight the worst times of your life. 

elements of yoga

5. Get rid of guilt, overthinking, and procrastination. Like humans, this universe has a free will of its own too, and not everything that happens here is in our control. 

What goes around comes back around for sure, but not the way we think, overthink, procrastinate or expect it to be.

Not performing a task and only wasting time procrastinating is Adharma, says the holy Hindu Veda – Geeta.

The Holy Geeta Satates

  • Just focus on your Karma and your Dharma.

  • Do not waste time overthinking or procrastinating about the outcome of this deed you are about to perform.

  • Because, good Karma will only bring you a good result. Be it sooner or later. In this life or in the next life, but it will come to you.

  • Geeta also suggests that not all good things that you do in this life might bring good repercussions with time.

  • Therefore, we need to accept the fact that, everything that happens in this world is not in our control. Just stay optimistic but never expect or demand anything from your actions.

6. Eating clean and healthy meals – Add more local fresh fruits, green vegetables, lean protein sources like salmon, eggs, chicken breast, tofu, and lentils, complex carbs like brown rice, oats, quinoa, and lots of antioxidants to your plate every day.

Give up on packets and processed food; give up on excess tea, coffee, sugar, and dairy as well. Try to mostly cook at home and eat fresh homemade meals.

 Healthy Mindset

7. Keeping yourself hydrated – Drinking at least 2 to 3 litres of fresh filtered water every day can help you with full-body blood circulation, regular cell detox from deep within, and promote healthy glowing skin.

If you don’t like to rush to the toilet often after drinking too much water, try to include water-rich foods like cucumber, tomatoes, and spinach more often in your daily diet. 

8. Moving consistently – Consistent movement is essential for deep detox of your sweat glands, better sleep cycles, and a rush of endorphins in your nervous system.

When you move, you tend to sweat, and regular sweating helps you flush out toxins. 

9. Prioritizing your sleep – Getting an average sleep of 7 to 8 hours is essential for better brain functioning and recovery of your body cells due to fatigue and too much work stress.

Your body grows and recovers fast when you get a good night’s sleep. 

10 Getting a new hobby – A hobby gives you purpose in life. It drives you with purpose towards your dreams, goals, and objectives that you want yourself to achieve. 

If you think you don’t have a hobby, that’s not right. We all have been blessed with a purpose, something that we do the best and enjoy doing.

Find that one thing you can do for the rest of your life. It will help you achieve creative and mental peace in life. 

11. Getting along with like-minded people – We all are social animals, and society helps shape our self-confidence and peace of mind. 

Having a supportive set of people who share similar goals makes life easy. 

Such people help you stay focused and motivated on your dreams no matter what. They will live, laugh, appreciate and uplift your self-confidence in good and bad times. 

12. Creating a vision board – A Vision Board is a list of things you want in this life for yourself.

You hung it on a wall and manifested them in your imagination every day by looking at that board. It is also known as the law of attraction. 

Only one rule of thumb, try to set only short–term tangible goals.

Why exaggerate when you can constantly evolve your board with time rather than being demotivated.

13. Practising deep breathing and meditation – Reading spirituality can help you uplift your inner vibration (energy), make your soul more balanced, feel healthy and become radiant from within.

Practice reading spiritual guides – Educating yourself about the spiritual powers of humans and this universe can help you be more focused in your daily life.

elements of yoga

You will tend to gain mental motivation and spiritual awareness after reading such books. 

15. Practicing Atonement – Sometimes, Mediation is not enough to forgive yourself. Here, you can try to be helpful to people in need.

The best practice to forgive yourself is to support others, be it in your family or an outsider.

E.g., Helping your family in a health or financial crisis, performing charity, raising funds for people in need, volunteering at an NGO, etc. 

The Key Takeaway

Here is a detailed infographic, showing ways to reduce stress and encourage a healthy mindset in your lives from today onwards!

 Healthy Mindset

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