Chocolaty Oatmeal Recipe With Healthy Ingredients & 10 Minutes Prep


If you think oats are boring….it’s time to think again
I myself use to have this perception that oats are the most boring foods on this planet. But after experimenting through multiple recipes, now I’ve found few ways to make them perfectly and yes, you heard me…….they are absolutely chocolaty and delicious!!
But before diving into this recipe let’s get a little more insight about oats. 


Oats are an incredible source of complex carbs, lots of fibres, and proteins as compared to any other grain, which is why we feel super filling after that 1 bowl of oatmeal. 
They are a source of unique components like soluble fibres (good for your gut), antioxidants (good for your skin), and some important vitamins and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.
As a human, even I majorly struggle with portion control in my meals but because they are gluten-free whole grains, low in fats and cholesterol, so even a little bit extra will not cause any harm. 
Health Benefits of Eating Oats
Infographics: 7 Health Benefits of Eating Oats Daily.


Those tiny packets of store-bought instant oats have a lot of added sugar and preservatives in them, so it’s always good to make it on your own.
This recipe requires, zero cooking expertise and a guaranteed yummy taste, that will change your perception about those super boring oatmeals forever. 
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: Soaking Overnight 
Servings: 1

MACROS (Per Serving)

Total Calories: 519 calories
Carbs: 77 g
Fiber: 12 g 
Proteins: 13 g
Healthy Fats: 18 g


  • 40 g Regular Rolled Oats 
  • 40 g Dark Chocolate
  • 100 ml of Soy Milk (you can use any other low-fat milk)
  • 1/4 tbsp Cinnamon Powder
  • 1/4 tbsp Vanilla Essence 
  • 1 Cup Fruits (use seasonal & regional fruits for natural sweetness)
  • 1/2 tbsp Organic Raw Honey (optional)
  • 1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (optional)
  • A Dash of Sea Salt (optional)


  • On medium to low flame dry roast oats, till they get light brown and toasty in texture. Later keep these aside in a bowl, until they are at room temperature.
  • Pour dark chocolate and soy milk in a bowl and melt them together in a microwave for 2 minutes and mix it, until both get combined well. Your chocolaty milk base is ready.
  •  Add cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, honey, sea salt, and vanilla essence inside chocolate milk and mix until all of these forms a smooth base for our oats. 
  • Make sure this base of chocolate milk has a runny consistency. If it’s thick, add some more milk to make it runny like milk’s consistency. ( Be careful, don’t make it super runny like water or thick like a milkshake, neither of them will work anyway)
  •  Add roasted oats, into the milk and let them all soak up inside the refrigerator overnight or for 1 – 2 hours until oats become soft, creamy, and chewy enough. 
  • Post soaking, garnish this chocolaty oatmeal with fresh fruits, nuts, or seeds of your choice. Voila!! Enjoy ….<3
This meal is filled with lots of complex carbs, fibers, proteins, and healthy fats which makes it such an excellent source of long-lasting energy flowing through your body while you train hard. 
So, don’t forget to add this recipe to your pre-workout meals for sure.
Do let me know in the comment section below, your thoughts on this and will you try this recipe or not? 
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