Importance of Yoga – On Promising International Yoga Day 2021

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Yoga is an ancient practice that helps to promote overall wellbeing and improves the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals.

Yoga aims towards a perfect union between mind, body, and spirit, promoting overall wellness and fitness. It also focuses on maintaining the psychological balance to provide an overall sense of wellbeing.

This can help us become more flexible, strong, balanced, and even reduce the risk of heart disease. So, today on the note of international yoga day, why not let’s just ponder on the Importance of Yoga in our life.

Best Time to Practice Yoga

Yoga involves a series of exercises designed to help practitioners focus their mind, body, and spirit on promoting harmony.

The purpose of yoga is to unify all aspects of being into one. By practicing yoga, you will reach this inner state and make a lasting impression upon others and yourself.

Well, after a good night of rejuvenating sleep, now your brain cells need some energetic feel-good endorphins rushing all over the body for better work performance, and therefore, early morning yoga sessions is best. 

Although for busy bees, anytime can be a good time to practice yoga routines in a day. But traditionally, yoga gurus prescribe to follow your yoga practice as the first thing in the morning. 

Who Should Perform Yoga? 

If you aim to find the true essence of spiritual wellness, you must practice yoga. No matter what is your age, gender, or physical background.

Weather you aim for weight loss with yoga or even if you are recovering from an injury, yoga has been proven to be the best fitness and rehabilitation workout routine. 

Many sports and fitness organizations consider yoga essential for their athletes’ mental as well as physical development.

As a result of these reasons, the importance of yoga has grown globally at a tremendous rate in just a span of the past two decades. 

Below is a look at some of the miraculous health benefits and unknown facts about yoga and how it can improve your daily life.

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Importance of Yoga – Health Benefits & Facts

However, one of the major reasons why so many people have started taking up yoga is its great livening effects on the body.

There are many other health benefits of practicing yoga daily. Let’s discuss some major importance of yoga and related facts associated with it

1. Yoga increases Flexibility, Strength, Stamina, and Balance. These are the main reasons why many gyms recommend budding athletes to take up yoga as an exercise routine. 

2. Helps to Build Self-Esteem, promote healthy nervous systems, and increase mental focus and concentration.

3. The importance of yoga can also be noticed in its effect on the daily life of people who practice it. Practicing yoga regularly can Improve Your Sitting and Standing Posture.

4. Yoga also help to prevent certain ailments and conditions from developing in the first place. When done correctly, it can Reduce Stress and Anxiety, which can help people sleep better and feel better about themselves. 

5. Prevents Several Diseases and conditions from developing, including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Obesity.

6. As mentioned above, yoga practitioners can obtain a balance by practicing different exercises. However, practicing yoga in conjunction with Strength Training, Flexibility Exercises, and Meditation can provide wholesome wellness enlightenment. 

7. Yoga Increases Core Strength and Improves Posture. Core strength helps keep the body stable while carrying out everyday activities such as sitting, walking, and standing. 

8. Regular Yoga Practice also helps to Reduce Chronic Back PainOsteoporosis, and, Fatigue

9. Yoga has been proven to Reduces Emotional Stress by releasing feel-good hormones and endorphins. 

10. Improves Digestion by boosting your metabolism which leads to Weight Loss.

11. Improves Lung Capacity and Respiration Efficiency while you regularly work on your breath with every asana. This, in turn, helps improve one’s overall respiratory/cardiac health and well-being.

12. Regular yoga practice Helps Build and Tone Muscles in the body, including those in the neck, shoulders, arms, and legs. Yoga helps to strengthen digestion muscles, lung muscles and heart muscles. 

13. Yoga practice can reduces osteoporosis effects while aging. Maintain Your Muscles Mass and Joint’s health, with regular mobility and flexibility stretches, it’s very easy to support, develop, and rehabilitate joints, ligaments, as well as muscles all over the body.  

14. It also Helps to Increase Energy levels naturally in the body and helps with faster weight loss. 

Contraindications – When You Should Not Do Yoga?

  • Avoid vigorous yoga asana after a heavy meal.
  • Avoid vigorous yoga asana during the first two days of your menstrual cycle. 
  • Avoid vigorous yoga asana if you are physically ill, severely injured, or have undergone any major surgery (you can do yoga slowly as you start recovering as a part of rehabilitation). 
  • Avoid practicing vigorous yoga asana after the first trimester of pregnancy (you can choose a paternal yoga routine in such a case). 

How Often Should You Practice Yoga?

As a beginner to intermediate, you must start doing regular practice for 30 minutes at least three to four days a week. 

Gradually, as you gain more flexibility and agility in your body, you can do your practice as long as 45 to 60 minutes and more often like five to six days a week.

The Bottom Line

As a conclusion now you understand the importance of yoga, yoga benefits are not just for your physical body but also for your conscious mind and spirit. 

What Happens If You Do Yoga Every Day? – The health and wellness benefits that can be seen in everyday life are reduced stress, a boost in self-esteem, an improved immune system, and an overall conscious sense of increased spiritual health.

The flexibility and strength improvements seen in these conditions improve the ability of the individual to carry out the daily responsibilities of their lives. 

Yoga is a powerful method that can help improve one’s lifestyle and health and is a great way to enhance one’s overall well-being. 

Hence make sure to find true health and wellness from within; you must practice yoga your ongoing lifetime from now onwards. 

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