Get Massive Muscle Hypertrophy – With 5 Pro Tips

Muscle Hypertrophy – A Science Of Building Muscle Mass

Basic Understanding

Muscle Hypertrophy is a natural tissue or organ enlargement process which is caused due to the increased growth of cells within a muscle unit. 

The most relevant and common hypertrophy occurs in heavy physical load training also known as Weight Training.
When you lift heavy in response to various stimuli, you gain toned definition around different parts of your body termed as muscle gain.
Muscle mass looks different yet beautiful on both men and women. If you want to gain some heavy biceps or peach butts the key is to understand how muscle hypertrophy works.

Let’s dig in deeper to understand the basics of building muscle mass.

Hypertrophy Process

It includes 3 essential components for muscle growth in both males and females that is:
1. Stimulation 
A range of stimuli can help you increase the volume of muscle cells. When you train a specific muscle group with weight training or resistance training, it contracts your muscles. This repeated contraction throughout leads to internal damage of your muscle fibers, making you feel sore the next day. This damage is good for your body to get rid of small and inefficient muscles.
2. Nutrition 
Disciplined nutrition is very important after all the fatigue you have caused in your muscles. If you want to increase your muscle mass, you must eat in a calorie surplus for better restoration and regeneration of your muscles.
Our expert, Mr Sharma nudges over the importance of protein, as its intake might vary as per your fitness goals and lifestyle. But, eating a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein per Kg of your body weight every day is a necessity for every human alive on this planet. For example, If your weight is 60 Kg then you need to consume 60*0.8=48 gm of protein every day. 

Your diet must include plenty of proteins, healthy fats, green veggies, fruits, and some complex carbs. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids as well.
3. Repair
Microtrauma, known as tiny damage of muscle fibers in progressive overload plays a significant role in hypertrophy because new muscle fibers will grow bigger in place of damaged once only when you make sure to give your body time to recover from the previous fatigue and use all the vital sources of nutrition properly.
Muscle repair also includes a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 8 hours of good sleep daily. Overtraining any muscle unit will make the growing process even slower. If you are a beginner start by working on every muscle once a week. 

“All these factors are 100% necessary when it comes to overall muscle growth”- said our ACE-certified Fitness Program Designer Mr Sharma.
Apart from these, there are some other miscellaneous factors that affect muscle growth in different people such as, genes, sex, hormones, DNA, and different training variables.

Misleading Habits

He added, “Many amateur trainees and intermediate bodybuilders lose their patience too soon. Either they start taking steroids, anabolic supplements, or just stop training.” 

His advice to all the new bees is, “to work patiently with all the 3 major components mentioned above as well as to choose heavy yet manageable weights and keep on adding weights gradually every week to achieve hypertrophy.

Tips to grow bigger and faster 

To make the most out of your workouts you can add the following variables suggested by our experts:
  1. Get a Coach. Working under a certified and experienced fitness program designer will help you meet your goals under the right supervision and guidance.
  2. Use an Interval Cycle. Training in a rest and rep (work) cycle is the best to cause intense muscle fatigue. There must be 3 to 6 sets with 6-12 repetitions and 30 to 90 seconds of rest in between sets to gain hypertrophy. 
  3. Focus on Tempo & Form. Indulge in a combination of Concentric and Eccentric movement of muscles with Perfect Form
  4. Eating Lean Protein. Lean sources contain less amount of fats and a high amount of protein, for example- chicken breast, tofu, fish, and plant-based protein powder.

PRO TIP: “Consume edible or drink sources of protein right after your weight training for better absorption.” said our expert.

The Takeaway 

Muscle hypertrophy is a slow process and to fetch maximum benefits out of this, it’s good to start in your early 20’s and make gradual progress every day.

Why building muscles is so important? Well to this the most obvious answer is, “because it looks good” especially for men, but equivalently in women for an overall aesthetic appeal.

Strong muscles will help you in preserving healthy bone density all your life. Most importantly good muscle mass maintains your overall wellness as well as protects you against metabolic syndrome and joint pain with ageing.

Muscles are not only for bodybuilders, they are for everyone..! 

Foreword by

  Deepesh Sharma

He’s an ACE certified Fitness Program Designer and been into bodybuilding for over a decade now. He works as a personal trainer to many male and female clients under his own fitness chain for the past 6 years. His idea of fitness is to make people aware of the reality of bodybuilding and induce fair practices in the fitness market by sharing his knowledge with us.

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