20 Delicious Vegan Christmas Recipes for Coming 2021 Holiday Season

Vegan Christmas Recipes for Coming 2021

The Holiday Season is Here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year―it’s Christmas! 

The holiday season madness is just getting started. So, who wants to experiment cooking dozens of healthy plant-based recipes?―I know, “You Do!”

Suppose you’re planning to host a christmas party or just started as a beginner vegan celebrating their first plant-based christmas. Well, in that case, this blog will precisely solve all your problems regarding finding new vegan christmas recipes and how to prep up for the party. 

So, are you ready to dive into the taste of healthy, soulful plant-based meals for this christmas? ― I’ll take that as a yes, and dive right into the details now. 

What Vegans can Eat on Christmas?

Healthy Mindset

Christmas is all about slow-cooked meat, roasted turkey, classic cold cuts, decadent fruit cakes, and a glass of earthy wine. Whereas a vegan diet will only contain plant-based food items, which means every chritmas meal is off the hook, so how to enjoy food on chirtmas with family?

No worries, this doesn’t mean vegans have to miss out on a mouthwatering christmas meal.

As a vegan, it’s all about experimenting with different ingredients and playing out with some cool cooking tricks. A vegan diet do have options and a variety of ingredients, all you need to do is to be aware of the following basic vegan diet rules: 

  • Don’t eat food from animals, including―dairy and eggs.

  •  Instead of alcohol, try serving drinks like―Cranberry Juice or Red or White Grape Juice.

  • Use lean sources of proteins from grains and plants like―Lentils, Beans, Amaranth, Tofu, Oats, and Quinoa.

  • Use 100% plant-based dairy ingredients like―Soy Milk, Almond Flour, Peanut Butter, or Chickpea Cream (Aquafaba).

List of 20 Delicious Vegan Christmas Recipes 

Below given is the ultimate list of food items you can serve during different courses, like brunch, snack, dinner, and dessert. So are you ready for the showtime? 

Brunch Vegan Christmas Recipes

Are you starting your day late?―No worries, just make sure you are getting all the goodness of wholesome foods.

These brunch meal ideas will help you get your stomach a slight warm-up by building your appetite for the latter half of the day.  

1. Chia Pudding with Pumpkin Caramel

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Hello Veggie

If you want to eat something quick and hassle-free, nothing comes as handy as a chia pudding. Just by mixing a few spoons full of chia seeds into some vegan milk, you will get a thick protein and fiber-rich pudding base.

For extra christmas vibes, simply add some fresh pumpkin puree, sweetened apples, almond butter, and pecans to the top—read the full recipe by Hello Veggie.

2. Vegan Bircher Muesli with Vanilla & Berries 

Vegan Recipes
Image by Zucker & Jagdwurst Vegan Food Blog

For those who do not know, Bircher Muesli was first created in the early 1900s by a Swiss physician named Maximilian Bircher-Benner. He claimed that he cured his jaundice with this recipe. 

If you’re thinking―why eat a sick person’s recipe for christmas, then think again by reading Julia & Isla’s healthy and happy version of the recipe. 

3. Vegan Banana Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce 

Christmas Recipes 2021
Image by Zucker & Jagdwurst Vegan Food Blog

Pancakes are the fanciest breakie for every occasion. Banana pancakes combined with a thick, decadent, syrupy, hot blueberry sauce―Now, that’s a match made in heaven. Try this recipe for a late, warm, and cozy christmas breakfast in bed. 

4. Vegan “Chicken “Sandwich with Cucumber-Mint Salad

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Zucker & Jagdwurst Vegan Food Blog

Want to eat something more wholesome?

Grab a fresh, whole-grain baguette bread and cut it in half. Take some plant-based yogurt cream and blend it with some mint leaves for a smooth spread like consistency. 

Now, add vegan chicken patties inside with refreshing cucumber, radish, and mint salad. Lastly, adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Enjoy this wonderfully refreshing and filling recipe for your christmas lunchtime

5. Udon Tofu Noodles with Veggies

Vegan Recipes
Image by Jo Cooks

If your Asian taste buds are screaming your name out loud, do not keep them hanging in there. Simply toss some fresh organic vegetables with succulent Udon noodles and spicy tofu cubical bites. Read the full recipe on―Jocooks.

Dinner Vegan Christmas Recipes

There are heaps of alternatives to classic christmas dinner recipes that you might have been grown up eating.

Still, it’s not easy to fight that childhood tastebud, but we can try performing a slight ingredient swap for vegans. This way, you can enjoy the classic dinner recipes with a twist of flavours.

1. Vegan Swedish Meatballs and Gravy

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Bianca Zapatka

This protein-rich vegan recipe prepared from lentils is a heart-touching dinner recipe from northern Europe. 

Also known as ‘Koettbullar,’ it’s a perfect meat-less version of meatball to be served over pasta or mashed potatoes. 

According to food stylist Bianca, these veg meatballs can be made both Soy-Free or Gluten-Free, depending on what ingredients you want to use. 

2.  Vegan Potato Bake

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Bianca Zapatka

This vegan potato bake with a combination of vegetables like mushrooms and zucchini tastes simply like classic comfort food. It’s rich, creamy, cheesy, enriched with intense flavours, and super simple to make kinda recipe.

Instead of using several pans and pots, simply put everything in a casserole and let it sit in the oven for a few minutes. This quick, comforting, and warm recipe―is a must add to your dinner table for sides. 

3. Creamy Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

Christmas Recipes
Image by Minimalist Baker

Mushroom stroganoff is the ultimate creamy and comforting entrée recipe for the holidays, and you must try making this simple recipe this christmas; in case you’re craving some comfort on a plate.

First originating in Russia, stroganoff is traditionally prepared with sautéed beef cooked inside a sour cream sauce. Read the complete recipe by Minimalist Baker, and learn how to swap beef and sour cream while keeping the traditional flavors intact. 

4. Wild Rice Salad with Mushrooms and Herbs

Christmas Recipes 2021
Image by Minimalist Baker

Have you ever tried wild rice in a salad?―Sounds interesting, right!

In comparison to any other grain, wild rice is extremely high in protein, fiber, and amino acids like lysine. Its nutty, bold, and earthy flavours make it a perfect choice for a side on your holiday dinner table.

How to cook, combine with other ingredients, and season with herbs―learn every little detail for a perfect holiday side table recipe at Minimalist Baker’s blog

5. Abundance Kale Salad with Savory Tahini Dressing

Vegan Recipes
Image by Minimalist Baker

Are you running late for the salad preparation?―this colourful kale salad will take you only 30-mins to cook and serve. 

It contains an abundant quantity of kale, with roasted vegetables like―sweet potato, avocado, crispy chickpeas, zucchini, sprouts, and kimchi. Topped with traditional tahini dressing, this recipe is a perfect side meal for your chirstmas feast table. 

Appetizer Vegan Christmas Recipes

Regular snack options can be unhealthy and destructive for your digestion. Thus, vegan appetizers make the best christmas starters ever because these will be light on your stomach and not at all oily.

1. Vegan Chili Cheese Nuggets

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Zucker & Jagdwurst Vegan Food Blog

If you remember the classic famous “Chili Cheese Nuggets“ from Burger King, this recipe is the best fast-finger food and cheesy food alternative for vegans. 

Use fresh jalapeños, waxy potatoes, and tapioca starch as your three main ingredients for this recipe. Mix everything with perfect seasoning combination, deep fry, and serve hot―just as mentioned by Zucker and Jagdwurst on their blog. 

2. Baked Firecracker Tofu Wings

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Vegan Richa

A sweet-spicy hot Asian-inspired stir-fry sauce inspires the firecracker name. This recipe will be an addictive vegan appetizer made with Tofu, leaving you wanting more.  

You will need ingredients like―Fresh Tofu, Sriracha Sauce, White Vinegar, Cayenne Powder, Paprika, Brown Sugar, etc. Prepare this recipe as vegan + gluten-free by using an air-fryer for that crispy outside crust, says Vegan Richa

3. Carrot-Lentil Cakes With Tahini Sauce 

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Blissful Basil

Try these gluten-free, hearty textured carrot-lentil cakes bursting with savoury flavours, and don’t forget to prepare the garlic-herb tahini sauce for dipping on the side. 

Simply start by adding the vegetables and cooked lentil mix into a food processor along with some rolled oats and seasoning. Scoop out into patties, and transfer to a lined baking pan. Bake these savoury cakes for only 20 to 25 minutes until turned golden-brown. 

Loaded with mighty goodness of vegetables and grains altogether, these patties are high in protein and dietary fibre, says Ashley from Blissful Basil.

4. Vegan Tofu Rice-Paper Spring Rolls

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Short Girl Tall Order Blog

These Vietnamese-inspired rice paper rolls are full of fresh herbs, raw crunchy vegetables, crispy tofu, and soft rice noodles. You will only require a 5-ingredient peanut sauce on the side to enjoy it at its best. 

If you’ve never worked with rice paper before, it’ll be best to read Meghan’s recipe blog first and then practice your skills. Over time, you will for sure master the craft of making rice paper rolls. 

5. Homemade Vegan Meringue Bites

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Zucker & Jagdwurst Vegan Food Blog

Meringues’ are all about egg whites and sugar, right!?―Nope, it’s not!

Vegans can now enjoy meringues with plant-based creams like ‘Aquafaba.’

For those not aware of Auqafaba, it is a canned liquid of legumes, but chickpeas are the most commonly used. You can also make this at home, but the process might be tricky. So, it’s best to buy Aquafaba from a store. 

The vegan meringue recipe is super simple, takes only 20 minutes to get ready, and you can serve these once they are completely cool. 

Dessert Vegan Christmas Recipes

Christmas is incomplete without a big dessert platter.

Whether you are looking for dairy-free cookies and cake recipes for your christmas dinner table or you just want to make healthy treats for christmas giveaway, make sure you read all the recipes ideas mentioned below.

1. Vegan Custard Cookies

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Zucker & Jagdwurst Vegan Food Blog

If you enjoy baking cookies as a slow, meditative process but hate the whole idea of kneading the dough, rolling, cutting, and decorating the cookies. Then this vegan custard cookie recipe is perfect for you!

All you need is just a couple of simple ingredients and zero creativity skills. These cookies get ready in just 10-15 minutes and taste best with a warm glass of milk or hot chocolate. 

2. Vegan Christmas Palmiers

Christmas Recipes
Image by Zucker & Jagdwurst Vegan Food Blog

If you are one who always rushes to the store for packet cookies. No worries, Julia and Isa got you all covered with creative vegan christmas cookies recipe ideas. 

These tiny, tasty palmiers are the easiest, foolproof christmas cookies to bake at the comfort of your home. And in just 15 – 20 minutes, you will get a fresh supply of homebaked vegan christmas cookies. 

3. Vegan Christmas Fruit Cake

Vegan Christmas Recipes
Image by Domestic Gothess Blog

This vegan cake is a flavour enriched, boozy and moist fruit cake that is perfect for the christmas festive season. Prepare the feed for this fruit cake in advance or just make it a day before your christmas dinner and eat it right away. 

You can feed the cake with rum cause it’s christamas and a little booze during the festive season is not that bad. Or, you can use spiced cranberry juice syrup as your cake feed―Read the recipe at Domestic Gothess

Related Cake Recipe – No Flour, No Sugar Cake!

4. Cranberry Vegan Frangipane Tart

Vegan Recipes
Image by Lazy Cat Kitchen Blog

Find this mouthwatering and warm English tart recipe with a creative christmasy twist at the Lazy Cat Kitchen blog. To prepare this, you need their frangipane mixture with a generous amount of orange zest and cardamom. 

There is a layer of cranberry jam at the bottom of the tart base, and the top is decorated with fresh whole cranberries that become jammy and juicy once baked. This delicious masterpiece presents layers of simple yet divine flavours. 

5. Vegan Christmas Truffels

Image by Potluck Oh My Veggies Blog

If you are looking out for the perfect X-mas giveaway treats recipe, this is an ideal vegan treat this festive season. These vegan chocolate truffles are perfectly spiced and stuffed with orange maple roasted cranberry gives you a rich, complex taste after every bite. 

Topped with candied orange peels and gold dust, it looks even more classy and festive-ready. So, don’t forget to check out―Potluck Oh My Veggies for the complete recipe. 

The End

Hope you liked all these vegan christmas recipes, if you do ― then don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. Encourage others to try a vegan diet and help this planet become a cruelty-free environment.

Merry Christmas!

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