What Is Right Nutrition?

Nutrition is a life process, in which a human ingest combination of healthy foods that are necessary for overall growth and development.

Right Nutrition becomes even more necessary when you follow an active lifestyle to repair from daily fatigue caused by intense training.

An average human body is made up of 60% water, 16%-17% of proteins and fats and 6%-8% of carbohydrates and other minerals, of course these may vary in percentage as per every individual thus we all need to maintain an average new supply of nutrients daily to grow and repair.

Health Statistics in India 

India is already struggling to eradicate the problem of malnutrition and anemia. Meanwhile, our country is also witnessing overweight and obesity crises. 

According to Health Ministry of India, 
there are more than 30 million obese people and the number is increasing alarmingly. 

Obesity is even more acute among women than men. In urban India, more than 23% of women are either overweight or obese, which is higher than the prevalence 20% among men.

    In recent survey reports of year 2015-2016 from The National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4), by Health Ministry of India:

    On page 362 and 363 (Table 10.19.2 and 10.19.2): 

    • 20% women and 19% men are overweight. 
    • Obesity ratios are up to 5% in women and 3% in men. 
    On page 335, The NFHS-4 also showed pattern of food consumption in males and females.

    • Only 45% of women consume pulses or beans weekly.
    • Only 38% of women consume green vegetables weekly. 
    • 7% never consume milk or curd and 25% consume milk or curd only occasionally. 
    •  54% percent of women do not consume fruits even once a week. 
    •  Very few women consume chicken, meat, fish, or eggs on a daily basis.
    •  10% of women consume fried foods daily and 36% weekly. 
    • Aerated drinks are consumed daily by 5% of women and weekly by 20% of women.
    This signifies how women in India are more unaware about right nutrition.

    “Poverty and discrimination against women are responsible for women’s poor diet in India, said Ranjana Kumari, director of Center for Social Research.”


    India faces high number of deaths every year due to cardiovascular diseases and many researchers have proven obesity as one constant reason associated with lower metabolism and increased risk of heart problems.
    This is when right nutrition comes in, 
    when you start indulging in eating correct amount of macros as per your body and follow a regular workout routine, this can help you in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

    Tips for eating  

    A healthy meal includes variety of colors in your plate.

    For this you must follow some tips mentioned below:

    • Cook at home and eat homemade meals.
    • Eat whole grains and protein rich foods daily.
    • Add a big portion of salad prior to your meals.
    • Add green vegetables on your plate.
    • Eat at least 1-2 seasonal and regional fruits daily.
    • Add one organic dairy product in your day daily like milk, curd or cheese. 
    • Drink 3-4 liters of water everyday. 
    • Choose lean cuts of meat like fish, chicken, lamb and eggs. 
    • If vegetarian eat other plant based sources like beans or tofu. 


    • Increased levels of energy and good hormones.
    • Helps to maintain and lose weight.
    • Reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
    • Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    • Better post workout recovery.
    • Lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis.

    Things to quit

    Consume what adds quality to your life.

    • Quit smoking.
    • Quit alcohol.
    • Quit binge eating.
    • Quit aerated drinks.
    • Quit eating refined sugar.
    If you don’t quit these, then you won’t be able to experience any benefit from meals or any type of workout routine.

    Your habits affect people around you, so try to choose a healthy outlook in life and share your habits with your loved ones.

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    Eat Clean! Stay Fit! Stay Healthy!

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