Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do? – List of 5 Revealing Reasons

Why can't I lose weight no matter what I do?

Are you fed up asking yourself the same question every time you start dieting, Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do?

Well, do you know what’s disappointing? At the point when you work out, eat right, being straightforward to yourself, yet still, you can’t get thinner! Ya, feel me here? It’s odd! You’re feeling that life’s so unreasonable and why bother with such a lot of misery?

Why Can't I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do

Every day you make a decent attempt, yet that scale will not move. It’s just human instinct to contemplate whether those pounds will at any point fall off. Now, check whether one of the mistakes listed below might not be the major reason for your weight reduction goals.

Do not surrender! You need to peruse this article because there are sure things you might be doing that are adding failure to your weight loss journey. I will impart to you 5 normal, yet surprising reasons you may not be following to be more fit. 

1. You are starving yourself and not eating enough 

We all need to understand, weight loss does not mean starving oneself. You may not be eating enough and hence you’re not getting more fit. Allow me to clarify.

The attitude of eating less to shed pounds bodes well, however, it’s one of the most stupid things you can ever do! 

People mostly ask “Why can’t I lose weight no matter what I do, even when I’m not eating any thing?”

Well I tell you why, because you are Starving!!

Why Can't I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do

Eating pretty much nothing. It sounds unusual, however actually, on the off chance that you skip dinners or follow a low-calorie diet, it can misfire by causing you to consume calories all the more gradually. Also, it thoroughly wrecks your digestion and metabolism! 

Starving to get in shape makes your body more probable, over the long haul, to renew fat. It utilizes the new basal metabolic rate from starvation mode. 

One reason this might be the case is that blood leptin levels decline in people who lose a ton of weight through starvation. Leptin is the chemical that signals satiety. It is created by fat cells and assists with directing energy adjust and hinder hunger. So, it flags the mind that you are not eager. 

However, the individuals who starved for more time just for the sake of weight reduction, brought down their leptin levels, putting them in danger of recovering the weight because the body wasn’t flagging the mind accurately. 

Low blood leptin motioned to the mind the body was not full or fulfilled after eating, making them eat more. Exploration demonstrates outrageous weight reduction by starving yourself is regularly not manageable.

All things considered, eat light dinners and tidbits a scattered amount of favorite food during the whole day. Give your body all required macro and micronutrients as per your daily requirements. 

Furthermore recollect the fact, being fit is a LIFESTYLE. So, you need to commit!

Your present eating routine should be something you can keep up for what seems like forever. If it’s not too much trouble, attempt not to go under 1200 calories per day. In any case, consistently talk with your nutritionist or dietitian about it. 

2. Everything is good in moderation but you binge eat healthy food!

Now few will ask “Why can’t I lose weight no matter what I do, even when I only eat healthy foods?”

Okay, so your concern might not be the fact of under-eating, however, it very well may be OVER eating quality food varieties. I’ve personally made this mistake for the longest time in my life without even realizing how bad it could be.

Since it’s considered healthy doesn’t mean you can eat an insane measure of it. Calories are still calories, and if you eat a lot of anything you will not shed pounds. 

Why Can't I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do

Along these lines, you need to rehearse portion control with every meal you eat in the day. Know about how much food you’re placing into your body! A few food sources may have a bigger number of calories than you might suspect. For instance, nuts, nut spreads, kinds of butter, dressings, peanuts, cashews, and avocados are for the most part sounded like healthy superfoods of this planet, yet they have a high measure of calories per serving. 

I’m not saying don’t eat those food varieties – however, rather focus on serving sizes and your waistline will thank you for it. In case you’re keen on knowing the number of calories you ought to eat to get the outcomes you need, here’s a cool site to calculate food macros

3. You’re not eating carefully – Being Mindful!

Do you perform various tasks when you eat? Do you eat in a hurry? Do you eat while you’re staring at the TV? It’s ordinary to eat and do 1,000,000 different things immediately because let’s be honest, it’s the 21st century and we’re occupied! (many can relate) But this will in general cause us to eat very quickly and we may overindulge without acknowledging it. 

Why Can't I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do

Being mindful while eating not just assists us with tuning in to our hunger level, however, it additionally allows us genuinely to appreciate and relish each nibble we consume. Also, who would not like to make the most of their food, right!!? 

Try to plunk down without any interruptions and just spotlight on eating. You might be astonished at how rapidly you top off your hunger quickly.

You deserve it, your body deserves to be careful about what amounts you eat? 

4. You do excess cardio! 

Again asking, “Why can’t I lose weight no matter what I do, even when I’m regularly doing lots of cardio?”

Thinking you will arrive at your objectives by doing insane measures of cardio regularly? Well, in that case- you are not on the right track my friend.

Assuming if this is the case, you’re passing by perhaps the most advantageous approaches and that is to do strength training. It shapes your muscles, yet in addition, supports your metabolism and digestion so you can continue to consume calories longer for the day. 

Why Can't I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do

Likewise, on the off chance that you only do cardio, your body will change and at last, you’ll get to a dead-end (plateau) and quit getting results. In this situation, supplant 3 of your cardio days with strength training days and you’ll before long see the outcomes you need. 

Keep in mind, strength preparation doesn’t have to be going to the exercise center and lifting significant burdens. You can do bodyweight opposition activities like pushups, squats, lunges, pull-ups, and planks they all work on Muscle Hypertrophy

5. Not getting along with like-minded individuals!

Losing weight is a very slow process and it can be demotivating at times if you’re continually encircled by individuals who don’t uphold your objectives, you will be bound to perform under-eating, stick to lousy nourishment, and keep on skipping exercises if every other person around you is doing the same. 

Attempt to tell your loved ones that it’s significant for you to shed pounds and arrive at your ultimate goal. They should regard you and who knows, possibly they’ll even gain some willpower from your sound propensities. 

On those occasions when you don’t want to work out, a motivational speech from your exercise pal maybe only the lift you need, and this way you can uphold one another.

Why Can't I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do

Energy is infectious and assuming to be with individuals that encompass you with similar objectives, can help you to stay motivated all the time. Similar individuals will perceive how significant your hobbies, interests, and side hustles are to you. They will monitor your advancement and push you to the next beat.

Joining an activity class can be an extraordinary method to meet individuals, become acquainted with them better, and make new companions. Also, talking to a companion during activities and breaks can help the time pass rapidly as well. You’ll have alternatives, for example, a long mile run, a round of tennis, or squash, etc. 

Why can’t I lose weight no matter what I do – 5 other added aspects that can influence your weight loss

1. Getting more established with your age. 

Your digestion eases back down about 2%-8% consistently as you keep on aging. That might be from diminished bulk of muscle mass. 

2. Are you getting sufficient quality sleep daily? 

At the point when you don’t get your sleep tight, it can make it harder to get thinner. Your digestion may moderate and you will not consume calories as quickly as you’d like. You may likewise have less energy when you don’t get sufficient rest. That makes it harder to work out.

At the point when you’re tired and worn out, you’re bound to settle on less than stellar eating routine decisions, such as picking desserts over organic products. In a new report, individuals who didn’t get sufficient rest ate around 300 bigger calories each day than the individuals who got more rest. 

3. You have genetics issues.

Perhaps. A few bodies are just greater at consuming fat than others. It’s something you acquire from your folks or grandparents. You don’t have any power over the qualities that were passed to you, so you may have to work somewhat harder to consume calories and get in shape. 

4. Is your thyroid misbehaving? 

If it’s underactive, you may have a condition called hypothyroidism. It can prompt weight to acquire from the development of salt and water in your body. An overactive thyroid is called hyperthyroidism.

Numerous individuals with it get thinner, however, others get additional pounds since it can cause you to feel hungrier. How your thyroid influences your digestion, energy, and weight is muddled. Different chemicals, proteins, and synthetic compounds may likewise assume a part. Check with your doctor if you believe it’s an issue. 

5. Is it because of an issue with my general wellbeing? 

Ailments make it harder to lose weight down. A few things that could be acting as a hurdle in your weight loss journey might be one of these medical conditions:

Epilepsy, Diabetes, Depression, Schizophrenia, Heart Diseases, Bipolar Disorder, High Blood Pressure, Taking Birth Control Pills, Hormonal Disorders like PCOD and PCOS, etc.

The Bottom Line

The inability to lose weight can be a source of frustration for many people.

Asking – Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do? and at least tying for it a good start, and it’s very important to start losing excess weight because it jeopardizes your health and well-being for the future. Sooner or later you will make it to the finish line.

Just one thing to keep in mind, stop trying to achieve an unrealistic size in a shorter time can do more harm than good because weight loss can be very slow and quick fixes do not work for a lifetime commitment.

Learn to love and accept your body, exercise, and adopt lifestyle behaviors to keep yourself as healthy as possible and avoid comparing yourself with anybody else’s perfect body because we all are different and beautiful in our way.

Doing all this may greatly improve your overall health, self-esteem and quality of life.

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